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Helping to match the right people with the right jobs in Long term Care. Find meaning and purpose in your career while serving our elderly residents.

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Care Careers is...

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Care Careers is...

A resource for those looking to start or advance their career in Long Term Care. Care Ventures Cooperative is fully committed to providing quality care for their residents while supporting and contributing to employee growth. Additionally, Care Ventures Cooperatives' facilities provide an environment that brings personal fulfillment and a sense of community to its employees

The purpose of this site is to help educate those interested in beginning or advancing their career in long term care. Further, our job search application is the first of its kind in that it matches jobs to individuals based on personal preferences.

How it Works

Long Term Care Jobs

How it Works

The purpose of Care Careers is to help job seekers find the best job in Long Term Care based on their personal preferences and needs. Care Ventures worked extensively with Psychologists and Web Developers alike to create the job search application. When you answer the questions in the skills assessment, the system finds the best available jobs based on your responses.

We use a star rating system to rank jobs based on your inputs. The more stars, the higher likelihood of that particular position being a good match for you.

About Care Ventures Cooperative

Care Careers

About Care Ventures Cooperative

Care Ventures Cooperative was founded in 1999 by a group of rural, independent long-term care facility leaders. The group came together in response to the growing awareness of the significant market, financial and staffing challenges faced by rural, independent facilities. Since its inception, Care Ventures has developed initiatives in several key areas.

Our Mission: Care Ventures exists to ensure the survival of the mission of its member organizations. The cooperative shall benefit the individual members through collaboration, cooperation and the use of collective strength to enhance the member's economic status, capabilities and quality of service.

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