Why Long Term Care?

A career in Long Term Care can be life changing. Not only do you have the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with others, you will grow personally and professionally.

Fulfillment, Education & Community Matter




Working at one of the Care Careers network locations is so much more than just a job. You have the unique opportunity to contribute to something bigger than yourself and have a job that has meaning. Our employees work together to help make the world a better place because they have a greater purpose than your regular 9-5 job. Past and current employees constantly state that their favorite part of the job is the relationships they have with the residents and that having a career with meaning is personally satisfying.

Our staff is fortunate enough to go home at the end of the day knowing they made a difference in someone else's life at work. Our residents care for our employees just as much as the staff cares for the residents. If you enjoy creating and maintaining deep relationships with the elderly, and truly care for others, then you may be a perfect fit for Care Careers.

Research inidcates that elderly people who have five or more positive relationships after the age of 85 live 12 years longer than those who have two or less positive relationships later in life. You have the opprotunity to be a part of these positive relationships and help contribute to the resident's longevity.

Education and Training


Education and Training

Not only does work in Long Term Care provide personal satisfaction and meaning, but there are opportunities for career advancement, professional development, education, and training while working in Long Term Care. We do everything we can to help our employees acquire the resources they need to earn new certifications and advance within their organization. Scholarships and financial aid are always available for those seeking ongoing education and certifications. Each care center site has scholarships available for employees who want to take additional schooling.

Additionally, we offer free classes and seminars throughout the year to assist with professional development and skills training. These classes include topics such as communication & conflict resolution, leadership, well-being, and stress management, among others. If you desire to build and advance your career in Long Term Care, please check out the available jobs.




Consistency in the workplace is essential for employees and residents alike. This is why retention is a top priority for every Care Careers member location. The ability to go to work every day and work with the same co-workers and the same residents can be life changing. Unlike many hospitals and clinics, you have the unique opportunity not only to create meaningful relationships with the residents, but also with your co-workers because you will be working with the same team members day in and day out.

Working together in a collaborative and consistent fashion also creates efficiencies and allows everyone to be better at their jobs. Having a purpose and working towards a common mission with shared values creates a strong sense of community which sets our organizations apart from the rest. If you want to work in an atmosphere where everyone on the team truly cares for each other and wants the team to succeed as a whole, then Long Term care is the right career for you.

Get to Know Others Like You

  • Lakeside (Augustana) Health Care Center Logo

    “The support from my employer and the network of long term care groups was essential in helping me achieve my goal of becoming an RN."

    Elsa Niska, Registered Nurse

    Lakeside Health Care Center of Dassel
    Dassel, MN

  • Mother of Mercy Logo

    "I am rewarded daily with warm smiles and thank yous from those that have entrusted in our care. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing residents and co-workers."

    DeAnna W., Activities Coordinator

    Mother of Mercy Campus of Care
    Albany, MN

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